What’s it all about?

Worldwide Lost Property Service 2.0

Quickly retrieve the things you’ve lost, wherever you are, wherever you lost them. Through return-to.me a finder can contact you, i.e. get in touch with you while you stay anonymous.

Your Personal Täg

Choose your personal Täg name, it will be yours for life. Put Tägs on everything you don’t want to lose.
In the shop you will find a variety of individualised high-quality Tägs.

Anonymous – Safe

Your Täg keeps you anonymous and safe.
Besides, we will not ask you about what you have tägged.

Free Service

The return-to.me contact service is free. We will never charge you for enabling a finder to get in touch with you.


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JavaScript might be deactivated in your browser preferences or blocked in some way (e.g. by a firewall).

Please try to activate JavaScript to use the return-to.me website. Thank you very much.

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