How does it work?

Create Your Täg

There are two quick and easy ways to get your personal Täg:

  1. Order a Täg with your preferred Täg name in the shop. Your Täg account will be created automatically and you will get the details (password etc.) enclosed with your Täg. This is also the best way to use a Täg as a gift.
  2. Get your free Täg name first to create your personal Täg.
    This way you can test our service before ordering individualised Tägs in the shop.

Täg Your Belongings

Apply your personal Täg to anything that is dear and valuable to you. There is no limit as to how many or which items you put your Täg on.

The Contact Service

If you lose something marked with your Täg any finder can contact you through This means you (staying anonymous) will get a notification from containing the finder’s message. You can then arrange with the finder directly to retrieve your property. Remember to meet in public areas only or use a courier service.


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